RSR offers a turnkey solution to any EV charging solution to suit your commercial requirements.

EV Charging stations are becoming an expected standard in public and commercial places. Being able to offer EV Charging to staff, visitors, or customers, greatly boosts your company profile and highlights your business priorities for the environment.

Our team of experts are fully trained with installing EV chargers to businesses big and small. We can set up power for a single vehicle or an entire fleet, as well as offer advice and guidance through every step of the journey.

RSR can offer design and load assessments, assistance with DSO applications, complete start to finish installation, and additional works once complete including upgrades and expansions.

Our Electric Vehicle Charging design & build includes:

  • Underground electrical ducting and trench works

  • Upgrade & Installation of mains infrastructure and feeder boards to safety standards

  • Electric Vehicle Charging post installation

  • Installation of crash barrier systems

  • White lining road markings for charging bays and pedestrian routes

  • Installation of data connection points for posts

  • EV Charging Points Reliability and Certification Testing

Find the right solution for your business with our range of EV Chargers

Standard (3kW power with an 8-14 hour average charging time).

Fast (7-22kW power with 4-6?hour average charging time).

Rapid (50kW power with 30 minutes average charging time).

Ultra-Rapid (100-200 kW with 10-20 minutes average charging time).

Standard charging points rated at 3 kW, charging your EV at this rate will take around eight to 14 hours.

At 3 kW, these EV charge points add very little to the electrical load of the business. Your electrical infrastructure will most likely not need any major upgrades to facilitate them.

Please note, adding EV charging points onto any electrical distribution system needs an electrical design and load assessment, regardless of the size of the installation.

Fast charging points rated between 7-22 kW charging your EV at this rate takes around four to six hours. If you?re unsure whether this will be sufficient for your company?s EV fleet, we can guide you through what will work for your business.

These are the most popular due to their fast charge capacity, low impact on your?electrical infrastructure, as well as providing enough charge without damaging the vehicles battery in the long run. This means that staff and visitors can quickly charge their cars during the working day or while visiting your facilities.

Rapid charging points rated at 50 kW, charging your EV at this rate takes around 30-60 minutes.

These chargers add significant electrical load onto your electrical infrastructure, a full load assessment will be required prior to connecting at this capacity. If any infrastructural changes are needed, rest assured that our team of specialists has the experience and expertise to have you covered.

Ultra-rapid charging points rated at 100-200 kW, charging your EV at this rate takes around 10 to 20 minutes.

Your business will almost certainly need a dedicated electrical infrastructure to install and connect. They often need their own dedicated transformer and LV switchboard to allow connection to the national grid or business at MV/HV. Along with this, an electrical design and load assessment will also be required, as you may not have the capacity to install multiple EV points without an electrical upgrade.

Money off your EV Charger installation

Your business can be a forerunner for the future of our planet with our Certified EV Charger Installers. Get ahead of the game and take full advantage of the governments Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant to help get your business 2030 ready. We will fully support you in your application to make sure you can get the full benefit of having EV chargers in your workplace. The WCS includes:

  • Up to 75% of the total costs of the purchase and installation of charge points (inclusive of VAT), capped at:
    • £350 per socket
    • 40 sockets across all sites per applicant. For instance, if you would like to install them in 40 sites, you will have 1 socket available per site

Contact one of our experts to discuss your requirements and see how much your business can save by switching to electric

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