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Scafell Pike Hike for Willen Hospice

Another Challenge Complete! ?

It was that time of year again where RSR take on a gruelling challenge to conquer Scafell Pike for Willen Hospice and once again, the team smashed it! Over the course of two days the 15 team members climbed up a massive 1687m ascent in 20 miles. Safe to say, the donations were hard earned and well deserved. Our JustGiving page is still live so if you would like to show your support and congratulate the team their efforts then click here 


Day One: The ‘Warm Up’

RSR were met with a grim, windy and wet, Friday afternoon as they scaled up the Langdale Pikes. A select few decided to have a bit of fun and scrambled up along the ghyll – even climbing up a waterfall! A good (and tiring) way to start off the weekend.

The Stats:

The Langdale Pikes. Pavey Ark 700M, Harrison Stickle 736M, Loft Crag 682M, Pike of Stickle 709M. Route – Distance 4.2 miles.
Total ascent 742M. Time taken 5.5 Hours


Day Two: The Big Hike

After a well earned rest, the team set off for the big day ahead. A few grumbles of exhaustion and aches were had along the way but the whole team made it to the top. As they climbed higher and higher the cloud cover set in thickly meaning by the time they reached the summit – nothing was to be seen! This didn’t stop everyone enjoying the amazing views along the way.

Even though sunset was looming, those that still had some energy left ticked off two more pikes on the way back down – Bow Fell & Esk Pike. This encouraged a slight race to the end with both teams arriving back at the hotel within 10 minutes of each other. A hot meal and a relaxed evening was definitely needed.

The Stats:

Scafell Pike 978M. Esk Pike 885M. Bow Fell 902M
Total distance 14.1 miles. Time taken 11 Hours.

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