A quiet revolution is underway with a growing number of businesses taking the decision to invest in electric vehicles. In principle it sounds like a good idea but without specialist support it can prove to be protracted and costly. This is why RS Response with its extensive knowledge in commercial electrical installation can make a real difference by advising and supporting businesses looking to make the transition into electric vehicle charging.

The team has a wealth of experience working with businesses and organisations across the United Kingdom. This includes clients looking to set up vehicle charging points in their company car park to multi-national enterprises like Amazon with a network of sites.

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Paul Marchetti, technical compliance manager at the Milton Keynes-based firm, has daily hands-on experience of advising clients on the complex requirements, de-risking the decision for them.

“We start with a feasibility survey and concept layouts of the site which informs the client what can be achieved with the existing available local network operator supply”. said Paul, who is in regular contact with the regulators & Network operators “With our OLEV (office for low emission vehicles) accreditation we follow the Electric vehicle standards & procedures including all Codes of Practice to ensure our clients have a fully compliant site.”

Often, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring the site’s electrical supply can meet the increased demand. An overloading of the system means not only will vehicle charging be ineffective but the rest of the power supply to the site could be compromised.

Paul said: “It is important to know what is required and needs to be done. Our experience in Electric charging design and installation projects mean we know exactly what questions need to be asked, procedures that need to be followed and make sure we can deliver.”

RS Responses experience in the sector runs alongside its other turnkey project services which deliver innovative design, build and maintenance solutions for all types of office, commercial and industrial buildings. We aim to meet all refurbishment and expansion needs of our clients as they evolve and change. The Government’s announcement that by 2030 there would be a ban on manufacturing diesel powered vehicles has increased demand for RS Response’s electric vehicle charging expertise. As climate change becomes an increasing priority for our clients, return on investment of installing this technology is becoming more acceptable and to offset the installation costs there are significant Government-funded grants available.

Paul said: “There is an initial investment as there is for any upgrade, but we can help clients through the grant application process to access the government grant funding through our OLEV accreditation”.

Ever-improving technology means a reduction in the time it takes to recharge the vehicle battery and an ever-growing network of charging points across the United Kingdom has encouraged more drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

“People are taking a fresh look at the technology and understanding why it makes sense for their business.”

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